Why It’s Okay If You Are Not A Woman’s First Love

If you’ve recently met a wonderful woman and she means the world to you, then I know exactly how you feel. She looks good, sounds good, and she’s really digging you. All of these things are good except for the fact that you’re not her first love. If you’re with a woman and you’re dealing with the fact that you’re not her first love, then I know exactly how you feel.

But you shouldn’t let something like this ruin a great relationship. It’s only natural to think of whether or not her ex was better than you in some areas of the romance department, but you shouldn’t get stubborn and let something like this ruin something special.

Even though being a woman’s first love is special, she will eventually get over him and you will have her undivided attention. She will move on and when she does, you should too. You don’t have to keep wondering about whether or not a guy is better than you because your woman will only be thinking about you.

If you ask most women, they will tell you that their first love was about passion, but the second love was more meaningful. With her first love, she carelessly gave the guy her heart and more than likely the fire just went out. When she falls in love for the second time, she’ll take a look at what she did wrong and will correct her actions so that the second time around can hopefully last forever.

She will be making a logical decision to be with you. This doesn’t mean that she loves you any less – it simply means that instead of falling head first for you, she will be more cautious about how she loves you this time around. Nobody wants to get their heart broken, so can you blame her for withholding somewhat her heart to you?

This is only natural what she’s doing. Think about your first love and how you felt. You willingly gave your all and the woman that you were with gave some also. Eventually you both split up and it hurt real bad not being with this woman anymore. This “sting” that you felt has more than likely remained with you until this day, and you don’t ever want to experience that painful feeling anymore. So now when you love again, you’re being careful, but you still love with your heart logically and both emotionally.

Don’t think that your woman doesn’t love you. She does and you-two can have a wonderful relationship together.

Good luck with falling in love again and making it last forever.

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